Saturday, September 3, 2011

50 Things....

50 Things To Do Sexually Before You Die (Featured at Toys for Sex)

How many can you check off the list?

1.Kiss a girl
Check. ;) Although, it would NEVER go further. And there's only one girl I'm comfortable kissing. We are best friends and know there's no feelings there, it's just for fun/attention. We are both VERY straight. lol

2.Have anal

It's happened...but I don't like it.

3.Have a threesome

I think I would have maybe done this before I was married...but now, not so much. Not sure what the difference is but to me thats just not a place you go to with your husband.

4.Engage in group sex


5.Have phone sex

Love it :)

This is pretty essential to number five don't ya think?  Besides that, it does happen. Its really helpful when my hubby isn't home and I can't sleep.

7.Use a vibrator

It's been a while...I need to fix this. Guess I should get moving with my posts for Eden Fantasys lol. Great resource!

8.Use a sex toy on someone else

I would, but only if my husband was comfortable.

9.Be tied up

Not yet..but that's definitely in my naughty bucket ;)

10.Tie someone up

See above.

11.Have sex in a public space

Does having sex in front of my balcony doors count? It technically wasn't very public but I know it was probably seen.

12.Be a voyeur and watch others having sex (live, porn does not count)

Not sure I'd be into this, I know it would definitely have to be people I didn't know cause yeah, no.

13.Sex in a car

I always thought it would be cool, but I've heard it's just way too cramped and not great, so no, not checked.

14.Sex at a drive-in

If I pay for a movie at a drive in, I'm going to watch it lol. Although it might be cool to fool around at one, especially if the hubby had a truck bed we could lay in while watching the movie.

15.Mile-high club

Yeah, no...very tiny bathroom, strange smells, germs...EW
16.Sex with a stranger

Absolutely not.
17.One-night stand

No. For pretty much the same reasons as above.

18.Married sex

Not much different from dating sex or whatever, but I love it and I love my husband :)

19.Sex on a boat

Never have totally would try it though

20.Sex in a body of water

Never have...always wanted to try the whole sex in a pool thing. I wouldn't do it in the ocean though...too many germs and such.

21.Light spanking

Not sure I would ever like that...

22.Read erotica

Yes please.

23.Play strip poker/Monopoly/card game

Oh god...strip monopoly...why did you remind me???

24.Sex in the shower

Foreplay in the shower yes, but sex in the bed please.

25.Sex standing up against a wall

Not sure that's possible for bigger girls like me...or comfortable...

26.Sex with no kissing

Who the hell would ever want to do that?

27.Sex in the pitch black

Hooray for Hightened Senses!

28.Sex in the broad daylight

Yes, but I'm more self conscious that way

29.Making out with no sex long after you're no longer a virgin

love this

30.Sex in a tent in the wilderness

Maybe...don't really want ticks in my hoohah though...

31.Watch porn together

Not yet.

32.Watch porn alone

I have...not a huge fan. Like erotic fiction better.

33.Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms

Best lesson I've ever learned ;)

34.Sex on the beach

If I don't want ticks in my hoohah, what makes you think I want sand there? No thank you.


Not yet, but I totally want to.

36.Using ice sexually

I hate being cold...not sure I'd be too in the mood with this one.

37.Sexual role play

We've done a little bit of this, but not too much. Looking forward to Halloween ;)
38.Whipped cream

Yes, it was fun, but a mess

39.La Perla lingerie sex

Just googled it..not that impressed.

40.Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie sex

Yes :) Love that place, wish we had one closer!!

41.Sex with someone much older

I've only ever had sex with two people. The first only happened once. I think he may be slightly older but not by much. The second is my husband and the only sex I'll ever have :) again. He is two months younger than me.

42.Sex with someone younger (legal!)

Yes see above.

43.Sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner

Well if my husband and I ever get a honeymoon, the first part may happen. The second part, WILL NOT

44.A quickie in a skirt
I  have to make this one happen
45.A longie in the rain

Longie while it was raining outside? yes. Longie in the actual rain? No.
46.Sex in the ocean while people swim all around you

No thanks.

47.Feather ticklers

Wierd, so no.

48.Sex while "altered" whether by alcohol or something else

Yes :)

49.Learn to orgasm in less than five minutes from intercourse alone

HAHAHA...yeah we'll see.

50.Silent sex in a full house

yup. It wasn't easy, I tend to be vocal lol

Okay everyone else's turn how many on the list can you check off?